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Furniture & Objets D'art

Please note that all of my pretties have been used and loved before, in a previous life so they   are sometimes slightly worn which adds to the charm and of course I only sell items that I would be happy to own myself.

All prices include delivery to mainland UK.

Please remember that we can deliver locally and reduce the prices accordingly.

Two Stools

£ 48.00 

These two little "perfect stools" have been given a new lease of life with some "french grey" paint ......x

Beautiful vintage fabric covering has been added for you to rest your pretty bott...  Thats what I   would do, if I had the time !

In a former life they were in my Gramp's and Nanna's kitchen when I was a tiny girl xxx

Height 52 cms. Seat 32 cms square.

Price includes delivery UK mainland. Cheaper if you collect or we locally deliver.

Sorry SOLD

Lovely French Wooden Hallway Pegs

£ 16.00 

Slightly distressed painted grey.

Perfect for the hall, bathroom or boudoir..... 

Size 24" x 12".

Mushroom capped hooks 3 1/2" deep.


Little Cupboard

£ 34.00 

Grey distressed small cupboard with hinged front door.

I've covered the top in vintage "floral" fabric.

Fantastic in your bedroom or bathroom for storing all your special lovelies.......
Size 14" wide x 12" deep x 18" high.


French Boudoir Cupboard

£ 46.00 

French grey boudoir cupboard with beautiful shaped legs slightly distressed.

Bottom hinged front door with pretty mouldings.

Ideal bedside cabinet for your chamber pot !!

Size 26" high x 16" wide x 14 deep.

Large Grey Tray

£ 18.00 

Large wooden tray painted grey with the sweetest metal love handles.

Size 21" x 15"

Hand Carved Letter Rack

£ 19.00 

Carved wooden rack, dragged grey paint finish. 

For storing post and papers.

Wall mounted or free standing for your hall or verandah.....
Size 17" wide x 4" deep x 5 1/2 " high.


Queen Anne Stool with Bamboo Weave Seat

£ 42.00 

Queen Anne stool with bamboo weaved seat painted grey.

20" wide x 15" deep x 18" high.


Spoon Backed Chair with Original Canework Seat

£ 56.00 

Grey painted wooden carved spoon backed boudoir chair.

Will grace any area of your home or cottage !....

Size 15" wide x 18" deep x 33" high.


Small "Treasure Box"

£ 28.00 

Sweetest small "treasure box" to store your lovelies in with a cute freshly lined drawer for a "fresh start".

Lift up lid - ideal for pretty little angels storage.

Would make a low bedside occasional table.

The handle on the drawer and gorgeous pink paint adds up to make a very chic little piece......

Size 12" high x 19" wide x 13" deep

SOLD sorry!!


Ottoman Storage Box

£ 48.00 

Chic, but by no means Shabby...xx

Vintage possibly 1960's Ottoman storage box and with the prettiest of fabric padded cover, that is the icing on the cake..

Pink rattan sides.

Ideal for your "little angels" bedroom or the elegant boudoir.

Perfect for storing your special vintage linen, blankets and towels.

Size 15" high x 43" wide x 15" deep.

SOLD sorry!!

Handy Small Grey Table

£ 17.00 

This isn't too old but has great vintage inspired styling.

A little table that would suit any pretty cup and saucer or bedside lamp.....

Slight distressing to the edges and legs....

Size 16" wide  x 14" deep x 17.5" high.


Sturdy Trunk - Blanket Box

£ 69.00 

This piece isn't very old but has a vintage feel to it.

I've painted her grey put smart handles either end and freshly lined her for a "new start"....

Mrs Trunk would sit very comfortably in a cosy lounge with books and a tray of tea on, doubling up with handy country charm storage.....

Slight distressing to edges and curves, standing on four pretty turned feet...  No wobbles....!!

Size 31" wide x 15.5" deep x 18" high


"Cottage Style" Handy Box

£ 34.00 

This handy box doubles up tomake a pretty little perch for you to rest your bott....

The wooden body I've painted in light grey, coverering her horse-hair in gorgeous "Lyndhurst " by "Story Fabrics".

When you get to own her you will see she has a great charm.

Her lid doesn't quite shut down but I've lined her for a fresh start.

She is extremely handmade and looks rather old judging by the wear and simple construction.

She has metal "love handles" as all shapely women do...!x

Size 14" wide x 10" deep x 16" high.  


Carved Small Round Wooden Table

£ 26.00 

This beautiful table is a real eye catcher...

It has been skillfully carved to make intricate flower designs.

I've scrubbed her and dragged white paint for a refreshed look.

The three carved hinged legs fold flat for storage.

This table has a real "Graham and Green" feel to it... but just a snip of their price tag...LOL

Size 18" diameter and 18" high, funnily enough!!


Stool with a Weaved Seat

£ 14.00 

A cute stool that has turned legs which I've painted white and slightly distressed.

The weaving on the top is blue and white.

She would make a unusual perch in the scullery for a small guest or a light bott....! or very sweet in your beach hut.

Size 11.5" square x 17" high.



Shabby Cottage Table

£ 29.00 

I've light grey wiped this strong hard wooden table, or stool for a tiny person...

  This small piece is ideal in your cottage or beach side house.

Yes it's shabby, but it will just fit in as if it has always been there.

Size 14" wide x 11.5" deep x 16.5" high.


Please visit us again soon, when further items will be available.

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