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Home Help

For most people, it is important to be house proud and to live in clean, hygienic conditions and to enjoy a healthy diet. For many of our clients, this is difficult to achieve on their own so we provide a service to help them. 

We can provide help in the following areas:

Light Housework

Assistance with light housework to keep the home in a tidy condition. Not only is a tidier house important for those who want to feel comfortable and safe, but it also helps prevent the spread of infection. 

Duties could include tasks such as wiping kitchen and bathroom surfaces and general tidying.

We can also wash, dry and iron clients clothes or bedding to help them keep clean and healthy. Also make the service users beds and change their linen to provide a comfortable and hygienic place for them to sleep.


Clients will often find it difficult to perform shopping tasks by themselves. We can help in various different ways by assisting clients during their shopping trips or fetching any bits for them that they need.

We can collect prescriptions from their GP or chemist if needed.


A balanced diet is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will help you prepare healthy and wholesome meals that you will enjoy.

We will also check food expiry dates in the home to ensure the health and safety of our clients.

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