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The pebble is fantastic, beautiful, perfect. I adore it!!


Dear Michelle,

Thank you for the pebble. I love it. It’s just what I wanted.


Julie Barber

"The site is lovely, just like you!!"


 "the mirror is beautiful xxx"  thanks Helene x

Hi Michelle,
I am so glad you are making stuff again 'coz you are so SO good at it.  
Your website is brilliant.  Well done you for getting started.  I really really must get my act together and get mine going properly.  (  ...not much happens when you go there.)
Masses of love, and see you soon,

hi honey!!
 just checked out your site...just beautiful things for pretty girls eh?! clever you!
 I wish you all the very very best with this venture and I am sure in a short time mersea girls everywhere will be buying your stuff!!
 take care and happy hunting for more gorgeous gifts to make!
 lots of love
 Vicky xxxxx

 hello ..only me. hope you don't mind me contacting you .. but just wanted to say i really love your things x youre very talented x and i can see what huge effort you are putting in and i would rather give you the money than ikea etc.... if you don't mind what i would love is a large wooden white painted mirror with all your lovely touchesx and maybe a couple of ribbons at the bottom sides to put photos etc in duck egg blue sort of colour !i can always supply the mirror if thats easier x anyway let me know if u can .. no rush ..xx take care Helene x

 Michelle, just wanted to say your site is fabulous and your things are beautiful. Well done I am so proud of you. I will definately be ordering from you again and again. Thanks for attending the fair today. Will be in touch soon. Love, Jane xxxx

"hi Michelle love your website........ good luck and kisses Sue x"

"Boy you've been working hard Michelle, congratulations on your new website, it's lovely!  Good luck with your handmade articles! Vanessa X"

Hi Goddaughter, love this website and all your wonderful crafts, well done you! I wish I had seen it earlier I would have ordered a few bits for Christmas ..... Will keep it in my Bookmark for the future. Lots love, Bid x

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